Frequently Asked Questions

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The Vault 215

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been submitted, as we cannot disrupt the workflow process fulfilled by our warehouse team. 

Online orders can come from multiple warehouses. If you only receive part of your shipment, don’t worry, you’ll receive tracking on your other goods as they ship.

When you complete a checkout, your credit card company puts an authorization for the order amount on your card. This money has not been paid to THEVAULT215, rather your card company has put a hold on it for you while you check out. If your address information fails to validate (maybe your shipping and billing addresses aren't the same), then your payment will be declined. Your credit card company will release the Authorization between 3-5 business days after it is made depending on your bank. If you attempt to checkout multiple times, your card will be Authorized multiple times. 

Orders that haven't been shipped or scanned by UPS won't show up on the tracking page. Please allow 3-5 business days for this information to appear.

No, THEVAULT215 only ships to the customer's billing address and cannot be rerouted to a local store. However, by signing up for UPS My Choice you can customize your domestic deliveries.

Once the package has been returned to our Warehouse, we will reach out to the customers in regards to any address issues. Once the package is returned to us, please allow 2-4 business days to reship.

Unfortunately, we do not sell gift cards online.  However, you can buy it in TheVault215 retail store.

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds.